Postdoctoral Position in Systems Neuroscience

The Brain & Sound Lab is seeking an ambitious, smart and self-driven scientist for a postdoctoral research position. Start date: as soon as possible.
Location: Basel University, Switzerland.

Job description
The project combines experiments and data analysis of in vivo extracellular recordings, functional imaging (2P calcium or voltage imaging), behavioral assays, optogenetics, in vivo patch-clamp recordings or viral neural tracing to describe the role of functional neuronal circuits in the auditory cortex of awake mice. The research questions will be chosen from a range of topics in auditory systems neuroscience.
The successful candidate will run experiments, analyze the data, and prepare the results for publication.

You are our new postdoc if you

  • have completed a PhD with success and published your results in renowned journals
  • have a background in neuroscience, physics, computer science, mathematics or engineering
  • have a spirit of intellectual adventure as well as drive and eagerness
  • can be creative and focused on a project at the same time
  • know Matlab and have programmed data analysis code with success
  • run experiments methodically and are adept at troubleshooting and problem solving
  • have experience in electrophysiological recording or functional imaging techniques
  • ambition to pursue a career in science and to eventually setup your own laboratory
  • enjoy working in a team and like to share ideas with colleagues.

How to apply
To apply, please send a letter of motivation, a statement of research interests and your CV to Prof. Tania Rinaldi Barkat,
The deadline of application is February 28 2020.

About the lab
The aim of our lab is to understand the role of neural circuits in making sense of sounds. We use a systems neuroscience approach and combine optogenetics, in vivo electrophysiology, functional imaging and behavioral assays to explore the functions of neuronal circuits in the mouse central auditory system.
Ongoing work in our group focuses on the following questions:

  • How do auditory neuronal responses develop during adolescence and how do they influence functions in a mature brain?
  • What neural circuits are involved in specific sound features, and how can they influence behavior?
  • How do context and learning influence auditory function?

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